Meet Woman That Loves Breastfeeding Children


A 26-year-old mother of two loves to breastfeed so much that she has already nursed 12 children including her own daughter who she nursed until she (the daughter) was 6-years-old. The woman, Lee Moffitt and her sister, Amy Sylvia reportedly both nurse each other’s babies. Lee has also nursed several of her friends’ children.

Lee believes breastfeeding was a very special and natural way to nurture children. Her husband, Joseph, has been very supportive of her choice.

Lee made sure it was her daughter, Rose’s choice to decide when she wanted to stop nursing.
Rose weaned herself at 6-years-old. Lee said, ‘Being a wet nurse creates an amazing bond with children and helps with the primal bond you have with other women, allowing you to share in motherhood,’ adding that she feels touched that she has helped the children grow.

She has helped mothers who are struggling to breastfeed their own children by offering to help. Some have called her disgusting but she says she receives mostly positive comments. What do you think of her way of life?


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