NNB Personality Of The Week: An Exclusive Interview With Miss Beauty Tukura

Welcome to the latest feature on my blog! Hopefully, on a weekly basis, I’ll be interviewing various individuals from all walks of life, and to kick off this new feature, I scored a celebrity interview with Miss Beauty Tukura. A great model and a bright student. The winner of the MBGT (Most Beautiful Girl Taraba) pageant 2015.


Hey Beauty! Thanks for having me

Don’t mention it’s my pleasure.


Just like myself, I think my readers would love to know your full name please


My full names are Beauty Etsanyi Danladi Haruna Tukura. I just realised how many names I have. Lol its a blessing


As a model, we will love to know a little more about you

Well about my modelling career, I’m  still getting there. If you know what I mean. It’s something I do part time because I’m still in school  ( I take education seriously) and so I don’t have that luxury of full time dedication towards it. You can say your girl still hustling in between.


So what inspired your modeling career

Micah Gianneli. I love that woman. She’s one of my role models in the profession. And also I figured it was a perfect way to express myself. I guess that’s what inspired me to go further.


How would you describe your modeling career so far.

It’s been quite an experience because I get to work with different people. But like I said earlier, it’s part time for now because of school and I haven’t gotten where I want to be yet.


Your rise to fame came after you won the MBGT. How would you describe fame since then.

It’s been good. It’s a good feeling. People look up to you so it helps me keep myself in check. It sorts of limits what you can and can’t do. Sometimes I get to deal with negative comments but that’s what makes it balanced. I mean if all people say about you are positive things, you need to check yourself. Overall it’s a great experience and feeling.


Your project BOBY (Bringing Out The Beauty In You), could you please throw a little more light on it.

Bringing Out The Beauty In You ( BOBY) is a campaign/ project that I’m working on right now. It is a campaign which involves the girl child and when I say that I mean both girls and women. It centers on everything that a girl child is supposed to be and know. It’s a medium for the girl child to have a voice and to learn how to carry herself in this society. I think I’ve said too much. Ya’all just wait and see.


In some cases, models who also possess high mental capabilities or will I say brilliant/intelligent, decide to be single as to prove their point of having both beauty and brains. Whats your take on this?

I don’t see how being single proves that you have both beauty and brains if I’m understanding your question. I mean Beauty is supposed to be seen from the inside to the outside. Talking about your character to your physical appearance. I’d rather put it this way that some models prefer to remain single so as to keep them more focused on their business. Makes more sense.


Apart from modeling, what other special skills and talents do you possess.

I dance although I have stopped for a while now. Was hard keeping up with school and practice. I also act. That’s one thing i may pursue further. I cook if that’s a skill…hahahaha



How have you been able to combine both your modelling, and educational career so far.

Like I said earlier, I do modelling part time because of school so when I’m in school, I sort of put it on a pause.


Believe it or not, most peeps out there see you as a role model what do you have to say to them.

Believe in yourself and never ever think that there’s nothing you can’t do because you can do anything as far as you’re determined to. Whatever situation you’re in won’t last because sorrow may last for the night but joy comes in the morning.


Finally what do you have to say the lovely readers of this blog.

To the lovely readers out there, keep reading and know that I LOVE YOU all.


Miss Beauty’s Social Media Handles

Instagram: skittles_b_

Facebook: Beauty Skittles Tukura

Snapchat: beauttii


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